Welcome to Inner Roots Counseling

Let’s Expand Your Possibilities

I am glad you’re here. You may be here because you are feeling overwhelmed, overburdened, and out of ideas. You may just know that something is bothering you, but the usual strategies to get through the day are not working.

There is hope. I bring an empathic understanding and sensitivity to each person’s experience, to help you bring awareness to the deeper roots of your difficulties, increase self-compassion, and discover different ways of responding in the world, to bring on healing and improved relationships in your life.


In addition to working with adults, I also support children and teens, from ages 5 and up, who may be experiencing problems related to anxiety, depression, adjustment (divorce, school changes, moves, family changes), and loss/trauma (death of someone close, scary events). If you are a concerned parent, and would like to know more about how therapy could help your child and family, call me at 425-390-8325 for a free phone consultation.

If you have any questions or are ready to begin your journey towards healing, don't hesitate to call 425-390-8325, or email at liz@innerrootscounseling.com.